Lars Schmidt: Be curious. Be hungry. Be diligent about building your network.


Här är en kort intervju med Lars Schmidt som både grundat AmplifyTalent men också HR Open Source. Han talar ofta på de största HR-konferenserna och sitter med i advisory boards där han hjälper företag att bli grymma på employer branding och rekrytering. 


Short description about yourself professionally

I started my career as an agency recruiter before moving into an in-house corporate role. I spent the next 10 years running global recruiting teams for companies like Ticketmaster, Magento, and NPR before launching my own firm, Amplify Talent, in December 2013. Amplify is a consulting agency that helps companies like SpaceX, Hootsuite, and Cracker Barrel develop talent initiatives at the intersection of recruiting, culture, and brand.


What trends do you see within HR that could be interesting to dig deeper into? 

Employer Branding is certainly one of the biggest trends today. Companies understand their perception in the marketplace can have a significant impact on their ability to hire and retain talent, and are taking more steps to actively influence those perceptions. 


Advice for an HR-student to think about while studying HR at the university?

The field of HR is broad, and growing broader with new disciplines like employer brand and HR analytics gaining traction. Try to expose yourself to as much as possible to help you determine what you like and what you don’t. Be curious. Be hungry. Be diligent about building your network. Join global communities like HR Open Source (#HROS) to see what HR practitioners are reading, what they’re talking about, what challenges they’re trying yo solve. Remember that building your network is as important as building your skills. 


Advice for a newly graduated HR-student, or a student graduating soon? 

Don’t feel pressure to have it all figured out. Be helpful - in your new company, with your peers, and in your professional network. Build a good name. Your name is something very important as your career progresses. We talk a lot about personal brand, but it’s more than that. Be sure to start building your digital footprint (blogging, social media, etc.) so potential employers, recruiters, etc. can find you. 


An autumn read that every HR-student should read and why should we read this specific piece? 

“Steal like an artist” by Austin Kleon. It’s a short book and an easy read, but more importantly it lays out a really inspiring view of creativity and inspiration. Neither of those disciplines are generally associated with the field of HR, but both are becoming increasingly important. No matter your field, this book provides great inspiration. 




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